About Process Dynamics
Process Dynamics IsoTherming refining technology in operation at a US refinery

Process Dynamics is an international provider of advanced technologies (licensor), technical assistance, and consulting to the refining and alternative fuels industries. The main scope of our business is focused on the conversion of oil and biomass to fuels and the manufacture of lube base oils and waxes using our unique processes that were developed in our in-house labs.

Founded in 1993, Process Dynamics and our wholly owned subsidiary PD Technology Development, LLC, continue to expand our technology base by devoting a significant portion of our resources to research and development.

Process Dynamics’ headquarters and research facilities are located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and include four pilot plants and an extensive analytical testing lab. Pilot plant tests are conducted for process plant design applications as well as ongoing research and development. Our analytical testing lab supports pilot plant and research activities by providing the product analyses required.